Shannon Hoell, LMT #8236

fullcircle-2172 - CopyDeep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial Release among many other modalities. My practice focuses on injury management and pain relief from both chronic and acute conditions. The more stubborn and complicated your injury is the better! I enjoy unraveling the mystery of where your pain is coming from and helping you feel better. I have years of experience with prenatal massage and enjoy working with pregnant women. I have a prenatal table that allows mamas to lie prone comfortably during their session.

I have also studied ergonomics to help clients avoid re-injury and repetitive stress conditions and I am an Advanced MELT instructor. I have been teaching MELT Method and MELT Neuro-Strength classes for the past five years and it is wonderful to be able to teach an active therapy that empowers people to identify and treat their own pain as well as improve their stability and function. I firmly believe movement is the key to longevity and the more we move the better we feel. I find the MELT Method to be the most effective modality I have ever used to help people get out and stay out of pain.

Recently I have been studying NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT). NKT is an assessment tool that I incorporate into my individual MELT sessions as well as massage to provide more accurate care. NKT addresses imbalances in the Motor Control Cortex of the brain and there is self-care homework after NKT sessions.

NKT lead me to the study of Scar Tissue Release. After surgery or injury, scar tissue can have a profound effect on the body, interrupting neuromuscular function, limiting range of motion, causing pain and/or nerve irritation. Scar tissue release is slow, deliberate, gentle work at the site of the injury as well as adjacent areas.

In addition to my busy MELT and massage practice I am raising two funny young children and enjoy reading, home improvement projects, exercising, spending time outside exploring Oregon and with my family and friends.

My massage rates are as follows:

  • 60 Minutes: $80.00
  • 90 Minutes: $120.00

***These rates reflect a discount for payment at the time of service. I will gladly bill your medical insurance if you have massage coverage or submit claims for auto accidents. I would be happy to discuss 3rd party billing with you. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. 

Please call (541) 968-2390 or email me at to schedule an appointment.

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