Resistance Flexibility Workshop: Stretching and Strength
Experience yourself and the world differently.
Learn to self-stretch using resistance flexibility through a series of 16
movements each focusing on a traditional Chinese meridian. Discover
immediate sensation, feel relief from pain, increase performance, change
your tissue. Leave feeling taller!
Sunday, Jan 21st 1-3pm
$40 single, $60 pair
Full Circle Fitness: 1711 Willamette St #302, Eugene
Flexibility is all about fascia, not muscles
• Resistance flexibility stretching heals trauma by eliminating accumulated dense
fascia surrounding muscles, joints, and organs
• Contracting specific muscle groups, while simultaneously lengthening,
immediately breaks up dense fascia and permanently improves flexibility and
Traditional Chinese Meridians
• Movements stretching the Muscle Meridian Groups corresponds with Chinese
organ meridian lines, activating meridian points and harmonizing body systems
• Each stretch stimulates an organ meridian and affects the health of the organ,
the musculoskeletal region, as well as the psychological, spiritual, and emotional
traits associated with that meridian
Bring a partner to learn assisted stretches so you can get stretched at
home! No partner required- we can match up and assist each other to
deepen the effectiveness of the stretches to create changes more quickly.
To register, please call or email Starr Amrit
Affiliated Resistance Flexibility Trainer (208) 721-2115
This technique is appropriate for all ages, abilities, and backgrounds and will help you to create a naturally healthy body that is strong, flexible, and graceful.


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